I'm Nefeli.

Nef-ellie, Νεφέλη, Nef-è-li

Profile: Rebel

I come from a family of artists.

One day I asked my parents: 

"How come not enough people know about your art space? You offer something great and unique that helps kids and their families."


Their answer was "We don't advertise, we are artists!"

I thought that was the silliest thing I've ever heard; and I applied for a masters in Creative Advertising.


BA in Philosophy

MSc in Advertising 

I get the artistic mumbo jumbo "We are artists, we work for our soul and money is evil" but Advertising is not an unethical practice only able to deceive people.

And I know about Ethics, I am a holder of a Bachelor in History and Philosophy of Science from Athens Kapodistrian University. I also know how many more people would be happier if they knew about my parents' place. And there is nothing evil about promoting a Unique Selling Point that helps people.


Always hungry

I owe so much to my artistic parents. Thanks to them I was one the youngest child voice actresses to work in Greece and that got me to collaborate with Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, Dreamworks and other major brands.

But at some point, my creativity was overflowing and cartoons weren't enough.


I want to paint, edit, animate, create, write songs, save the world and think of concepts nobody else can think of. I'm always on the lookout for unexpected ideas and I'm interested to learn more about digital media.


If you have space for a creative junior art director who wants to put ads on the moon

email me on nefeli.kyriakidi@gmail.com

Did I mention I animate things? Click on my Behance Page.